Santorini Executive is an exclusive travel office, offering luxurious holidays at unbeatable prices.

Santorini Executive” company is one of the finest enterprises on the island, well-known for its “5star” services. In 2018 we have been appointed from an international cooperation to assist on the 6 days visit of his royal highness, the King of Saudi Arabia and the royal family, on the island. Royalties, Show-Bizz and in general V.I.P.’s are part of our mission on Santorini.

Our Managing Director, Vassilis Kassimatis is a well-known journalist. He was host (TV presenter) for many years for the National Television, presenter also of “Santorini Live” Show (Tv travel weekly shows) and as an awarded author who published many books, he also wrote the “Santorini – The Golden Decade”. He is also the editor of the only news paper of the island.


Our specialists are at the heart of  Santorini Destinations. They all have experience and they drive you safely so you can enjoy your adventures.

S Class Mercedes-Benz

Jeep Cherokee 4.0d Auto

V Class Mercedes-Benz